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Welcome to 
eατ · πie Institute!

Initiated in 2011 by Sabrina Chen, the 2013 Alabama State Co-Coach for National MATHCOUNTS and Scholastic National Medalist in Poetry, eατ πie has grown into a program whose materials have helped students nationwide to prepare for MATHCOUNTS in addition to the AMC's and AIME's as of 2013.

Originating as a non-profit organization, 

Eat Pie has pursued one primary mission: 

to create a self-sustaining learning network, in which the community teaches the community and anybody can affect change, regardless of age. More than that, it seeks connection and building friendships. 

In 2013, Eat Pie sponsored its first summer internships for middle and high school students interested in teaching and mentoring. In 2015, the Institute is 

expanding to the humanities, hosting its first offerings in Speech and Debate as well as a novel course called Theory of Everything.


Applications for our Summer 2015 program are now open.

For information regarding summer classes or internships, please explore our Summer Program header above containing class descriptions and the insider's scoop on a day in Eat Pie

Students will be placed in classes by ability, not by grade. New students will receive a placement test in late April to early May to determine class placement.

Regular Application Deadline:  March 20, 2015

Late Registration Deadline: May 4, 2015

Special Congratulations!

January 2015

From the AMC 8 held in November 2014, the results have come back in....

Out of 144,737 students who have taken the AMC 8 around the world, congratulations to

3 Eat Pie-ers in the global Top 1%

7 Eat Pie-ers in the Top 5%

Keep enjoying what you do, and have fun all the way there.


March 2014

We would like to extend a round of kudos to several of our students who participated in Alabama's State MATHCOUNTS in March 2014:

1st place: Tanuj A., 3-year alumnus

7th place: Aditi L., 1-year alumna

9th place: Tony T., 1-year alumnus

10th place: Alan G., 2-year alumnus

Congratulations, and best of luck in the coming year!


April 2014

CONGRATULATIONS to Joey L. and Sam T., both of whom are Eat Pie alumni, for qualifying for the 2014 United States of America Junior Mathematical Olympiad (USAJMO), as the only two qualifiers from Alabama out of 231 students nationwide.


June 2014

Congratulations to four Eat Pie-ers who tied as the highest scorers on the 2014 Alabama Team for the American Regions Mathematics League (ARML).